KY ARES Region 4 DEC Monthly Report
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KY ARES Region 4 DEC Monthly Report
The DEC Report is to be submitted by 7:00 PM ET on the 7th day of each month.

Make sure to "Select your district" to the right of where you enter callsign so your report will be properly recorded.

If you are not a DEC in KY Region 4, please return to the Reports page to find the correct report for your position or location.

By submitting this form, you attest that all information is complete and accurate.
* Name:
* Callsign: District:
* Email:

In my district, I have active ADECs, AECs, ECs, and OESes appointed, and of these have reported this month. If a coordinator reported over email, please remember to forward it to so their data is also recorded.

I have EC vacancies in my district. This number has changed by (+1, 0, -1 delta) from last month.

Please report your personal activity. (This is your effort, not your district's)
I participated in drills, meetings, nets or training sessions for hours.
I participated in public service events for hours.
I participated in emergency operations for hours.
I participated hours of Off-Air training, meetings, work projects and administrative tasks.

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