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About KYHAM:

The mission of KYHAM is very simple - "To build connections within the Kentucky amateur radio community." Building connections includes providing platforms for hams across the 43,000 square miles of the Commonwealth to communicate. It also entails providing accurate contact information for local amateur radio organizations, coordinators, and volunteer examiners for the general public, new hams, hams who have recently moved to an area and public safety officials. Lastly, connection means providing a vehicle for amateur radio data to travel from the local area to section, then national levels. This is accomplished through our reporting facility.

KYHAM began in 1993 as an forum hosted on a local dial-up bulletin board system for hams in Lexington, KY. When a then, strange offer to port the forum to the new commercial Internet, we took that step. Thanks to James Risner of stdio.com and Greg Parsons, KE4OOO for that opportunity. The forum spread around universities and dial up providers around the state as a "newsgroup."

In the mid 90's, it became possible for home Internet users to put up a web page on their personal account. The KYHAM web site was born as a list of coordinators around the state with their contact information so that any ham in Kentucky could find them. If you saw that web page today, you would agree that it was the ugliest web page ever. My, how technology and our skills have grown. :) So here we are today and you are reading this page.

The Staff of KYHAM:

Roman Rusinek, KE6YCW
KYHAM Administrator

Roman came on board as the Administrator of KYHAM in 2011. He is the District Emergency Coordinator for ARES District 6 in KY.

He achieved his Technician Amateur Radio license in 1995 and General Amateur Radio license in 2012. Being interested in emergency communications, he became involved with the Livermore Amateur Radio Klub (LARK), serving as President for two terms, and assisting in the organization of an ARES and RACES group serving the cities of Livermore and Pleasanton, California.

Both Roman and his wife Linda (KE6YKN) are private pilots and enjoy equestrian activities, having served on the East Bay Regional Park District Volunteer Mounted Patrol and involved in search and rescue, before moving to Kentucky in 2001. They currently enjoy other volunteer activities and assist the elderly and low income with tax preparation through the AARP Foundation Tax-Aide program. Roman also developed and maintains several web sites for non-profit organizations including the Oldham County ARES site.

Pat Spencer, KD4PWL
KYHAM Founder

The founder of KYHAM in 1993. He has served in many local, district and section coordinators roles since he was licensed in 1992.

He and his wife Kim live in Lexington, and he is the Production Art Supervisor for a licensed sports manufacturer. He also does after hours computer consulting and web site/graphic work.

Kenny Garrett, N4KLG

Kenny came on board as a Backup-Administrator of KYHAM in 2011. He was the KY ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator directing KY ARES until Jan 2014.

He is the founder and owner of A2Z Computers in Henderson, Henderson County EMA Resource and Communications Director.

Amber Pearce, KG4IFO
KY ARES Training Program Administrator.

The hardest working person behind the scenes at KYHAM. Amber scores all the tests that are submitted through the KY ARES Training Program and provides certificates to successful participants.

Amber is currently on sabbatical.

Honey D. Hound, N0DOG :)
Resident Spoiled Hound and Mascot.

Joining we the web team in June 2010, Honey assists the administrator in all tasks and endeavors. Among her contributions to KYHAM are "distractor," comic relief, and personal trainer to the administrator. She forces him to walk over an hour each night, and more than that on the weekends to stay in shape. In honor of her service to the Kentucky Section, she was appointed Assistant to the Assistant Section Manager by Section Manager Jim Brooks, KY4Z.

"Miss Honey has her own blog to keep her family updated on her activities"

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